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"In Loving Memory"
Adrian Paul Wharton
[Son, Brother, Teacher, Friend}
a large AIDS benefit which was highly acclaimed for seven years. It is a variety show plroduced by Rick “the Conspiracy Guy” Wharton.  Yo Adrian raised tens of thousands of dollars for Barrett House, an AIDS hospice run by the Good Shepherd.  

The show is a wonderful variety show jam packed with musical performances, comedy, celebrity appearances and speakers.

Past performers included

 John McDermott (Irish Tenor)

Russell Peters (International Actor/Comedian)

Joe Flaherty (SCTV)

Ian Thomas (international recording artist)

Rik Emmett (Triumph)

Michael Burgess (Les Mis)

Hurricane Carter (motivational speaker)

Tonya Lee Williams (Young & Restless)

Kelly Gruber (MLB All Star MVP Toronto Blue Jays Alumni)

Derek Edwards (uber comedian)

Cast of Air Farce (Luba Goy, Roger Abbott, Alan Park)

Kim Stockwood (Shaye, CMT)

Illustrated Men (Bruce Hunter, Adrian Truss, Dave Huband)

Kevin Frank and Neil Crone (tv, comedy & movies)

Jef Farquharson (Soupy and Shecky, huge in tri-state area)

Tim Progosh (Sinbad, founder, Canadian Comedy Awards)

Frank McNulty (actor-comedian)

Mark Forward (actor-comedian)

Molly Johnson (jazz/blues artist)

Carla Collins (Carlawood, author, comedian)

Teresa Pavlinek (Women Fully Clothed)

Tony Rosato (SCTV, Saturday Night Live)

Robin Duke (SCTV, Saturday Night Live, Women Fully Clothed)

John Pattison (Puppets Who Kill)

Ron James (actor-comedian - Ron James Show, Black Fly)

The Doo Wops (musical comedy)

Jeffrey Knight (actor-comedian)

Terry Hart (comedian)

Alfie Zappacosta (recording artist)

Albert Howell (Devil's Advocates, This Hour has 22 Minutes)

Shoshanna Sperling (actor-comedian)

Peter Oldring & Pat Kelly (actor-comedians)

Elvira Kurt (comedian)

Pat McKenna (actor-comedian, Traders, Red Green)

Colin Mochrie (Whose Line Is It Anyway plus every Canadian tv show ever made)